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2023 Acura Integra Launch Campaign Has Vince Staples Behind the Wheel of Restyled Car

Artists can arguably be the best marketers around, putting under the limelight even the most unusual products, and considering hip-hop is the most popular music genre there is, it’s no surprise Acura enlisted a hip-hop artist to promote its next-gen Integra.
Vince Staples in Acura Integra launch campaign 12 photos
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Acura has teamed up with renowned artist and creator Vince Staples for the unique launch campaign of the 2023 Acura Integra. The campaign is titled “Your Turn” and sees Vince Staples behind the wheel of the restyled Integra in a series of three promotional videos set to songs included on the artist’s “Ramona Park Broke My Heart” recent album.

Acura’s new marketing campaign is clearly targeting the cool kids, so choosing Vince Staples to promote the athletic sports sedan was a clever decision as he seems more than capable of garnering the attention of youngsters around the world.

Staples brought valuable input into the “Your Turn” campaign to bring its visuals and feel in line with his music. The three TV commercials, set to Staples’ tracks Magic, Lemonade and Slide, show the artist exploring the Integra and inviting youngsters to “make it their own.”

“Partnering with Acura for the debut of the new Integra gave me a chance to combine my love of cars, culture, storytelling and the experiences accessible travel brings us,” says Vince Staples. “In this campaign we really wanted to celebrate the relationship between our cars and our identities but in a way the everyday consumer could relate to.”

The luxury car manufacturer discontinued the Integra model in the U.S. in 2001, and now it is bringing it back with a restyled compact premium sports sedan that has set tongues wagging with its stunning five-door design, six-speed manual transmission, and promises of turbocharged performance. It seems many are disappointed that the new 2023 Integra does not exactly capture the essence of the Type-R, but Acura is confident the revival will appeal to both loyal fans and younger buyers.


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