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2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Fails Catastrophically, Owner Isn’t Pleased

Imagine getting a brand-new truck. 340 miles later, you are faced with a catastrophic failure stemming from a control arm bolt that wasn’t properly tightened at the factory. That’s exactly what happened to Mike Carlotta, who had his Tundra parked at the dealer for two months now.
2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Failure 6 photos
2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Failure2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Failure2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Failure2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Failure2022 Toyota Tundra Control Arm Bolt Failure
The conclusion is “complete negligence at the factory,” which defeats the purpose of buying a Toyota in the first place considering the brand’s hard-earned reputation for reliability. “I was leaving to go pick up my daughter when this happened,” explains Mike Carlotta. “It failed close to home and at low speeds. I love this truck, but my confidence level has plummeted.”

While parked at the dealership, waiting for a replacement control arm, the silver-painted Tundra should also be checked for the rear axle nuts that we’ve covered long before Toyota issued a recall. A gentleman by the name of Bayou Rigs experienced this unnerving problem in March 2022, but still, Toyota acknowledged the issue three months later. Roughly 46,000 trucks have been called back to retighten the rear axle flange nuts. Depending on condition, certain axle-related components may be replaced altogether.

Definitely a very different pickup from the previous-gen Tundra, the current model further boasts failing wastegates and less-than-acceptable build quality. From rattling dashes to squeaking consoles, bad weather stripping, tremendous panel gaps, wind noise, and misaligned body panels, a lot of stuff isn’t up to snuff. Curiously enough, the current-gen Tundra is manufactured by the same peeps at the same facility as the previous-gen Tundra.

Only available with a 3.4-liter V6 that’s advertised as 3.5 liters, the 2022 model year Tundra can also be had with a hybridized sixer. All engine options are complemented by a ten-speed automatic produced by Aisin, the AWR10L65 that we know from the Sequoia, Land Cruiser, and Lexus LS.


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