2022 Toyota GT Sports Car Teased Days Away From Unveiling, Should Be a GR Corolla

Toyota's all-new sports car, currently referred to as the GR Sports car, has been teased yet again and will be officially unveiled at the end of this month. The Japanese marque has announced it will stream the unveiling of its new model on March 31 at 9:30 PM EDT, which means 10:30 a.m. in Japan on April 1st, 2022.
Toyota GR Sports car teaser 6 photos
Toyota GR Sports car teaserToyota GR Sports car teaserToyota GR Corolla by TheottleToyota GR YarisToyota GR Yaris
While the reveal is on April 1st in Japan, this new Toyota sports car is no joke. Toyota has not specified any other detail about the vehicle except for the two teaser images. Even with limited information at hand, it does not take a master of deduction to figure out that Toyota is expected to reveal the GR Corolla.

The teasers presented by the Japanese brand reveal a gray body with GT Four written on it in debossed letters on what appear to be the side skirts. The GR badge is visible on the front fenders, right next to an air vent that has faux chrome ornaments. It is unclear if the fender vent is just for show or not, but we are hoping for the best here.

The brakes will have red calipers with GR logos on them because, of course, they will. The alloy wheels of this vehicle have a multi-spoke pattern, and they are finished in gloss black. Michelin tires are also clearly visible. We expect gloss black to be the finish of choice for many other ornaments and details on the finished Toyota GR sports car.

Since the GR Four writing is present on the side skirts, it is safe to assume that the vehicle will come with the company's all-wheel-drive system. The GR Yaris already has one, so its bigger brother should get it as well.

Currently, the GR Yaris has three modes for its GR-Four AWD system, which are Normal, Sport, and Track. The latter provides a 50:50 torque distribution between the axles, while the others favor the front or the rear axle in torque distribution to induce a specific behavior.

If we consider what we have heard and read about the GR Yaris, the upcoming GR Sports car from Toyota should be another fan favorite and collectible at the same time. Let's hope Toyota gets to build as many of them as possible so that they do not become priceless garage queens!

Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows renderings of what is believed to be the look of the GR Corolla, as well as press images of the GR Yaris for reference.

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