2022 Lucid Air Performance Reviewed by Owner, He's Not Entirely Happy

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After convincing himself that a return to gas-powered cars was impossible, this guy bought the 2022 Lucid Air Performance. The car is specced with the Dream Edition and is capable of 1,111 HP. That’s not enough to keep this bloke entirely happy, apparently. He’s showing in the video what can be improved and explains if buying it was a mistake.
First of all, it’s a marvel someone managed to get a delivery from Lucid given the current world circumstances with all the disruption and all the issues we’re facing.

Secondly, this EV costs an eye-watering sum of $169,000 without the potential federal tax credit, and it offers 471 mi (758 km) of EPA range, according to Lucid. The Dream Edition includes features like the Glass Canopy roof, Lucid's exclusive DreamDrive driver assistance system, and the available 21-speaker Surreal Sound system. As an extra, you get some discreetly added design ques. Right now, you can’t buy one. If you like the car, then a waitlist is the only thing the carmaker can offer you.

Before we move on, you have to remember Lucid is basing its identity as a former Formula E participant. They think that people actually watch the competition and want you to know they were molded by motorsport. Then why have they built an extra-long and 5,200-pound (2,3 tons) heavy sedan? Granted, it can reach 60 mph (96.5 kph) in 2.5 seconds. Is that all it needs to succeed? We’ll find out from an owner!

Thirdly, a lucky guy that goes by the name of Jon Rettinger got his 1,111-HP Lucid Air Dream Edition and says he has “spent several weeks in it, logged several thousand miles behind the wheel, hauled the family around town, and experienced things that only owners and long-term reviewers will encounter.” We’ll believe him, as he is pointing out some useful things for those that consider becoming an owner sooner or later of an Air in whatever spec desired.

2022 Lucid Air Performance Owner’s Review

At first, he says the Air is the best car he has ever driven. Rettinger praises the suspension, even though it’s on coil springs. He points out that the smaller, more efficient motors mean there’s more space for battery and cabin interior, even though back passengers won’t sit very comfortably. The floor is too high. Visibility is good all-around, and he says there have already been seven updates sent out by the carmaker.

Issues started when the service needs firstly appeared. In just four weeks, Rettinger said he had to ask Lucid for help on five different occasions. Software and cameras were at fault. Surprisingly enough, even the CEO Peter Rawlinson called the Lucid owner to ask about his experience as one of the first owners. After these encounters, his car went away for two weeks. The automaker wanted to make sure everything worked just fine before returning it back. He was offered a loaner in that period of time – the exact same model but in white.

The YouTuber continues and points out that luxury remains a “big question,” as the interior quality is not equal to an S-Class or an EQS. He’s also unsatisfied with the wireless charging for bigger phones and the position of the cup holders. Moreover, the Amazon Alexa assistant doesn’t work properly. Rettinger continues and shows the trunk is “weird” because of the opening.

His main issue, however, is with the software. The promised self-driving Dream Drive Pro still isn’t available, and data transfer between phones and the car is impossible. The many OTA updates still haven't solved some of the interactions with the infotainment system.

Finally, the review is concluded by saying the car is good and has immense potential, but it still needs refining as it remains cumbersome for comfortable daily use. So, buyers, beware: there’s still a lot of work to be done at Lucid before its cars are as good as promised.

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Editor's note: Gallery shows photos of multiple Lucid Air models. The article has been updated at 9 p.m. GMT.

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