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2022 Ford Fusion Replacement Spied, Could Be Called "Mondeo Evos" In Europe

Discontinued from the U.S. lineup in July 2020, the Fusion will come back as a 2022 model with a family-sized body style and a different nameplate. First things first, the newcomer is a station wagon with crossover design cues that wouldn’t look out of place next to the Subaru Outback.
2022 Ford Fusion Replacement (a.k.a. Mondeo Evos) 7 photos
2022 Ford Fusion Replacement (a.k.a. Mondeo Evos)2022 Ford Fusion Replacement (a.k.a. Mondeo Evos)2022 Ford Fusion Replacement (a.k.a. Mondeo Evos)2022 Ford Fusion Replacement (a.k.a. Mondeo Evos)Ford Mondeo Evos EUIPO trademarkFord Evos EUIPO trademark
Spied under camouflage by Chinese motoring publication Auto Home, the replacement of the Fusion mid-size sedan adopts a larger and more sophisticated grille with the Blue Oval right in the middle. Considerably slimmer headlights that wouldn’t look out of place on the Chevrolet Camaro are also featured, along with a strip of chrome that connects the headlights.

As far as the side profile is concerned, it’s impossible to tell if we’re dealing with pop-out door handles or conventional units. The design of the wheel arches leads us to believe that plastic cladding is on the table, and the rear end is complemented by two small spoilers on the top of the hatchback door.

Moving on to the interior, this prototype doesn’t feature a steering wheel. Be that as it may, the gear selector is very familiar, and the dashboard is dominated by a huge panel that incorporates the digital instrument cluster and touchscreen infotainment system. On its own, this dashboard layout makes the all-new model way nicer and ergonomic than the Fusion. I would dare to say that Ford could apply this layout to the Mustang Mach-E as well.

Nobody except the Dearborn-based automaker knows how the newcomer will be called, but two trademark filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office suggest Mondeo Evos for the Old Continent. Mondeo Active is another candidate because Ford offers Active versions of the Fiesta and Focus, both of them with front-wheel drive and more ground clearance.

In terms of underpinnings, the successor to the Fusion is expected to borrow the C2 vehicle architecture from the Escape and Bronco Sport. In other words, you can look forward to the 2.0-liter EcoBoost and an eight-speed tranny.


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