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2022 Chicago Auto Show Will Feature a Carjacking Booth, a First in History

The 2022 Chicago Auto Show kicks off today. It’s the first big auto show on the American calendar, building up to the much anticipated Detroit North American Auto Show later in the year. It’s the perfect chance to showcase concepts, make announcements, and for the Cook County Sherriff Department, it was the perfect opportunity to set up a carjacking booth.
Carjacking booth Chicago Auto Show 7 photos
2022 Chicago Auto Show2022 Chicago Auto Show2022 Chicago Auto Show2022 Chicago Auto Show2022 Chicago Auto Show2022 Chicago Auto Show
Chicago and other cities have been rassling with a sharp rise of violent carjacking. With 2022 just setting in, police in Chicago have already arrested more than 56 individuals with charges related to carjacking, Fox News reported.

Superintendent David Brown of the Chicago Police Department attributed the number of arrests to efforts by the CPD hijacking task force.

There’s been a steep rise in carjackings in the U.S., with a daring incident in Midtown Manhattan captured on video and shared online. It was one of three unrelated carjacking incidents in one hour in New York in January.

For the first time in the history of auto exhibitions, attendees of the 2022 Chicago Auto Show will find a carjacking safety booth mixed among electric vehicle and related displays.

According to the Cook County Sherriff’s office, the situation is pretty bad, with carjacking incidents up to 40 percent. The Department is pushing for clients who buy vehicles during the auto show to get units that feature tracking technology. CBS reported.

In December, a state senator lost his valuables in his car outside Chicago at gunpoint. Data released by NCIB (National Crime Insurance Bureau) reported that car owners in the U.S experienced spikes in carjacking incidents, making carjackings the single most common form of property crime.

Superintendent Brown said a big part of solving the problem is getting car manufacturers on board. He asked 11 major auto manufacturers to set up a 24/7 hotline to help clients and law enforcement officers curb the vice.

Editor's note: Gallery shows various images from the 2022 Chicago Auto Show.


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