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2021 Volkswagen Tiguan: Here's What It Could Look Like

The Mk2 VW Tiguan arrived in Europe back in 2016, which means it's time for a refresh. After it was spotted undisguised yesterday, most likely during a photo session, the Russians have produced an interesting set of renderings to preview the design.
2021 Volkswagen Tiguan rendering 2 photos
2021 Volkswagen Tiguan: Here's What It Could Look Like
Unlike previous works by Kolesa, this set of renderings aren't what we'd call "accurate."That's because the lower face is stolen directly from the Golf 8, and the mesh pattern plus the rounding of the corners don't match what we saw in the leaked photo. Unless we're mistaken, this shape belongs to the Golf GTE.

However, the headlights and upper grille are indeed in the style Volkswagen wants to introduce. And you can now say the 2021 Tiguan belongs to the same family as the T-Roc and the fresh Golf hatchback.

At the moment, nobody knows what the Tiguan facelift looks like from the back. But the Russian rendering proposes two major changes: taillight graphics from the Passat facelift and rectangular (probably fake) double exhaust tips.

The interior should also receive a lot of attention, especially when Volkswagen has developed so many new parts for the Golf 8, which is still MQB-based. They could install a new steering wheel, the tiny DSG shifter or voice commands for the climate control.

Engines are probably the biggest reason for this refresh. Despite being one of its most profitable cars in Europe, Volkswagen can only sell one engine with the Tiguan right now. We checked the official German website, and the 150 hp 1.5 TSI is the only thing listed.

Like its competitors, VW needs to comply with ever-stricter emissions standards, which is why it's developed a mild-hybrid system that works with MQB cars and even bigger Audis that use a different platform. We've seen it coast with the engine completely off for almost 4 minutes on the Golf 8, and it could save fuel for the Tiguan as well.

Both the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V are soon going to offer plug-in hybrid systems. Thus, we expect the Tiguan GTE to arrive and offer somewhere between 200 and 245 hp plus EV range of up to 50 kilometers. As for diesel, we anticipate only one displacement, 2 liters, with outputs of 115, 150, 200 or 240 hp.


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