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2021 Porsche Taycan, Now Also Available in Pink

Ever since the Mission E, the concept that preceded the Taycan production model was first presented to the public, it was clear we were finally going to have a decent EV to rival the dynamic performances of a Tesla.
Porsche Taycan in Frozenberry 8 photos
Porsche Taycan new colorsPorsche Taycan new colorsPorsche Taycan new colorsPorsche Taycan new colorsPorsche Taycan new colorsPorsche Taycan new colorsPorsche Taycan new colors
The Porsche Taycan Turbo S did not disappoint in that area, being roughly as quick as the most capable Model S in a quarter-mile race and probably even quicker on a racetrack. However, it falls way short of matching the American electric sedan when it comes maximum range or (only approximately 200 miles to Tesla's 350, according to the EPA ratings) and practicality (the Model S offers more cabin room, more seats - with the optional jump seats in the trunk -, plus a usable frunk).

But not everything is stacked against the German newcomer. Even though it's a toss between the two, people seem to agree the Taycan has the better design, plus it carries that Porsche expertise into sports cars, so it handles magnificently. Comparisons with the Model S were always going to be inevitable, but really, they are different cars for different needs.

With the Taycan being so new - and Porsche only recently ramping up deliveries of the EV - nobody really expected anything new anytime soon, and yet those who order their cars from now on will soon have seven new colors to choose from (for now, the new colors are only available in the Hong Kong configurator, as discovered by a Taycan Forum member). Yes, including something called Frozenberry which is just a fancy word for pink.

The other six are called Neptune Blue (a shade between light blue and navy), Cherry Metallic (burgundy), Coffee Beige Metallic (think latte macchiato), Mahogany Metallic (a deep, brownish red), Ice Grey Metallic (grey - says it all), and Crayon (filed under the 'Special Colors' and resembling a milky warm grey).

This brings the tally to 17 colors in total (two standard, thirteen metallics, and two special ones), but it's safe to say the Taycan looks pretty good in all of them. Well, you might want to stay clear of the black since it'll hide all the nice details and curves of the EV's body. As for the pink option, let’s face it: we all know somebody who would.


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