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2021 McLaren 765LT Gets on the Autobahn, Exceeds Its Top Speed

A new test done with the track-focused 2022 McLaren 765LT shows it can go beyond its 205 mph (330 kph) speed limit. Careful though, this was performed in Germany where some parts of their highways have no limit on speed for cars. Here’s how it was pulled off.
2021 McLaren 765LT Exceeding Its Top Speed 6 photos
2021 McLaren 765LT2021 McLaren 765LT2021 McLaren 765LT2021 McLaren 765LT2021 McLaren 765LT
When you get to see the white sign with four diagonal black lines, that’s when you know the fun’s about to begin. It can happen only in Germany, and only on the famous Autobahn that has many sections where drivers can put the pedal to the metal without worrying about the Police.

It’s also good to know that most German highway users know not to unjustifiably occupy the passing lane. Regardless, any driver must always pay attention to the road.

Based on the 720S, the McLaren 765LT has been put through a weight loss treatment but also gained many new features, even though it retained the same four-liter V8 power unit. Tuned to make 754 HP (765 PS) - 44 HP (45 PS) more than the 720S – and with a new fuel pump, this hypercar limited to just 765 units can reach 60 mph (97 kph) in only 2.4 seconds.

The model you’re about the see in the video down below also has some minor upgrades like Novitec wheels and carbon fiber hood inserts. The titanium exhaust system is factory-equipped.

The YouTuber that puts the 765LT through a proper speed test on the Autobahn pushes the absolute limits and manages to reach 211 mph (340 kph). The hypercar sounds to par and it delivers its power amazingly fast.

Thanks to more downforce and good tires, the McLaren is able to remain planted on the road. Still, there’s some observable feedback from the suspension system.

“It feels like a rocket ship,” said the driver. But vehicles as amazing as this 765LT always come at a cost. The McLaren is priced at $529,933 (€531,795) with VAT included. Now watch it go bonkers fast on public roads. Turn the sound on to hear the V8 doing its thing.

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