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2021 Mazda CX-5, CX-9, and Mazda6 Get a Carbon Edition in North America

A Japanese automaker with 100 years' worth of history behind it, Mazda has always been subtle with its global presence – letting instead its beautifully designed and reliable models speak for themselves.
2021 Mazda Carbon Edition 19 photos
2021 Mazda Carbon Edition North America
The world has proven the strengths of globalization time and over again – but the latest worldwide health crisis (also triggering an economic one) showed one massive drawback... everything is intertwined and if just one tiny wheel is broken, the entire assembly soon grinds to a halt. And getting it all back together is one hard endeavor.

Mazda could be likened to one of those tiny wheels – it was forced to momentarily hold its breath while diving in the lockdown current, and is now trying to breath in as much fresh air it can. And we are glad to see its oxygen levels are returning to normal with neat introductions such as the U.S.-bound Mazda3 Turbo, or the raft of 2021 Mazda 100th anniversary special edition models.

The automaker is now ramping up its presence across North America with a new introduction announcement for the Carbon Edition special series of the Mazda CX-5 and CX-9 crossovers as well as the Mazda6 sedan. We do not have the full scoop on availability, model specifics and pricing, as the company has reserved those details for the separate 2021 MY reveals.

Still, we have been treated to an ensemble picture revealing the defining exterior features of the Carbon Edition (notice the careful wording which eschews the word “fiber”) - all three vehicles are packing an exclusive Polymetal Gray shade complimented with black accents and alloy wheels.

The black exterior detailing is present on the aluminum alloy wheels with a metallic finish, while the exterior mirrors (among others) have been subjected to a gloss black paint cover procedure. The premium ambiance is mirrored inside as well, with Mazda opting for a red leather seat, black honeycomb trim and red stitching combination.

All three models are well equipped with an Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatible infotainment system, a Bose sound system, heated front seats and a raft of Mazda i-Activsense safety features.

Editor's note: The attached gallery depicts the current Mazda6 limousine.

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