2021 Genesis G70 Refresh Rendered Again, Might Get 3.5-Liter Turbo

A beautiful sports sedan that handles like it was developed at the Nurburgring and has an interior to match - we're not talking about the BMW 3 Series or the Mercedes C-Class. No, it's the Genesis G70 that has many people's attention right now.
2021 Genesis G70 Refresh Rendered Again, Might Get 3.5-Liter Turbo 2 photos
2021 Genesis G70 Refresh Rendered Again, Might Get 3.5-Liter Turbo Too
Even though many automakers left premium sports sedans for dead, Genesis still wanted to show that it could compete with the iconic 3 Series. The G70 delivers in many key areas, including performance and quality, but still looks a bit... conventional.

Don't get us wrong, we like the classic design of the car, but auto journalists have a natural distrust of change. Yet change is what Genesis wants to happen and is planning a heavy-handed refresh of the G70 that will come out in about a year.

In our last article, we talked about how the cosmetic alterations might match the all-new G80. We even showed you a spy video to back up our claim.

However, when the Russian website Kolesa rendered both the front and the back of the new G70, we felt the need to talk about it again. As you can see, the new headlights look like they've been split down the middle, and the same goes to the illuminators at the rear.

It's a unique look, while the rest of the body continues to be quite smooth. The front sports an even more imposing grille, which in this case has been paired with some sporty lower bumper trim.

Our Russian source has also heard about the Genesis engine lineup changes which we reported in the GV90 article. Everybody knows about the 2.5-liter turbo already, a four-cylinder that will replace the 2.0 and offer something like 290 horsepower or more.

However, there's also a replacement for the 3.3-liter, which is a new 3.5-liter V6 making 10 more horsepower than before yet offering lower emissions and fuel consumption.


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