2021 Ford Bronco “Fastback” Mystery Top Gets Shorter With First Look at a 2-Door

Because the Blue Oval is reluctant to share any new details on the delays regarding the first deliveries and production of the 2021 Bronco, there’s little more to do than speculate and report on rumors. And today we have a bit of fresh news about one of our favorite topics related to the reinvented off-roader; it’s another discussion about the top, of course.
2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door 7 photos
2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door2021 Ford Bronco "fastback" soft top spotted on 2-Door
This time around, we’re not going to even mention the white top saga... oops, we did it again! But let’s get serious, shall we? We all know that Ford has quickly managed to split the fans' opinions about its top options.

Some say the MIC (Molded in Color) hard top is appalling, others dig its odd looks and won’t even think about shelling out an additional $1,895 for the “Shadow Black-Painted Modular Hard Top.” A few even take a look at a spotted Bronco and immediately render a white top...

On this occasion, we’re here to deal with another top-related conundrum, this time having to do with the soft top option. As you probably know, this one is offered as a factory alternative to both the MIC and the shadow black top, which cost $1,795 and $2,495, respectively – starting with the 4-Door Bronco Big Bend.

On two separate occasions, we have also seen an odd “fastback” alternative to the factory Dual Top – which has just about the same squared-off design for both the hard and soft top assembly. According to information provided by the rumor mill, this might be one of the upcoming “more than 200 factory-backed accessories for maximum personalization.

Apparently, this angled option might come from aftermarket provider Bestop, famous for its Trektops adorning the rivaling Jeep Wrangler. Now, there’s also a 2-Door Bronco with the “fastback” soft top to deepen (or rather shorten) the mystery.

What troubles us this time is that although these blurry shots depict a static Big Bend in Antimatter Blue, there’s no Bestop logo in sight as on the Rapid Red 4-Door. Still, many forum users seem to love this possible new option – even though some pointed out the big “awning-like” elements or the possible Civil War Kepi hat jokes...


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