2021 Ford Bronco "6x6" Looks Like a Dune Blaster

A build waiting to happen. This is the best way to describe the rendering that now adorns our screen, which portrays the freshly-taken-out-of-the-oven 2021 Ford Bronco.
2021 Ford Bronco 6x6 rendering 5 photos
2021 Ford Bronco 6x6 rendering2021 Ford Bronco 6x6 rendering2021 Ford Bronco 6x6 rendering2021 Ford Bronco 6x6 rendering
Blue Oval engineers ensured the new Bronco, regardless of its number of doors, can take its occupants anywhere, with even the base configuration packing respectable rugged terrain assets. However, we need to keep in mind that this 6x6 conversion is just as much about extra traction while tackling the dunes as it is about the image.

And while the added-axle look will split opinions, there's certainly a market for monsters like this one, which, by the way, was created by digital artist Abimelec Arellano.

In fact, the pixel master even mentions Hennessey Performance in the description of the Instagram post below, which showcases the toy. And that comes thanks to the fact that the Lone Star State developer has come up with six-by-six conversions for machines such as the Ford F-150 Raptor or the Chevrolet Silverado.

Now, those toys, as well as the now-retired Mercedes-AMG G 63 6x6 special, come with four doors, while this creation has two, as dictated by the all-custom 3D model that served as a starting point for the work, which we've already discussed.

Of course, with Ford offering the Bronco in both two- and four-door guise, a real-world incarnation of this visual stunt could take either form.

Speaking of which, if you zoom in on the comments section of the post, you'll notice at least one "proposal" to make this happen - Utah-based specialist Overkill Racing and Chassis, which is currently working on a 2019 F450 6x6 build (you can see the current status of the project in the second post below) is responsible for this.

It goes without saying that such a conversion would require some extra muscle, so you can expect it to be animated by a V8, probably a supercharged one. When can we expect such builds? Well, the new Bronco has to reach showrooms first, with the move set to take place early next year.


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