2021 BMW M4 Convertible Leaked Through Patent Photos, No Escape From Beaver Town

Nobody thought the BMW M4 Convertible would bring any significant design change compared to its coupe sibling because that simply isn't the way things go.
2021 BMW M4 Convertible patent image 11 photos
Photo: BMW via
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The only modifications brought by the open-top version are strictly related to that foldable canvas roof, and nothing more. That pretty much means designers can make this type of conversion with their eyes closed as most of it is dictated by all the technical restrictions anyway.

The 2021 BMW M4 Convertible makes no exception, which is another way of saying it keeps that extremely problematic grille intact. You have to hand it to BMW: in an age where radiator grilles have constantly become bigger and bigger, somehow the Bavarians still managed to find a way to make theirs the talk of the town, without oversizing it compared to other brands. Yes, Hyundai, we're talking about you.

This just goes to prove that it's all relative to the people's expectations, and the public didn't expect the BMW 4-Series, M4 included, to turn into a beaver. The more time we spend with this design, the more we get used to it, but that's not exactly relevant. Time gets people used to all kinds of things, including illness, yet it doesn't change the fact it's bad.

Well, these pictures show the patent drawings for the 2021 BMW M4 Convertible filed by the German carmaker with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and leaked online by i4talk forum user M Performance. They confirm what everyone already suspected, which is that the cabriolet will share as many of the coupe's features as possible.

The front end is absolutely identical, with no change whatsoever until the top of the A-pillar. Thanks to its frameless design, the door also remains unmodified, as does the entire lower part of the vehicle. According to the drawings, both the wheelbase and the length of the two M4s are the same, while at the back, the third brake light is moved on the restyled boot lid spoiler.

Expect the specs to remain the same - twin-turbo three-liter straight-six with 480 hp and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque - with only the 0-60 mph sprint to suffer a slight penalty due to the added weight. In more extreme driving situations, the Convertible's handling should also feel inferior to the Coupe's, but just like the acceleration, we're talking very fine margins that shouldn't take away from the enjoyment of driving the M4. And it will be a joy - particularly since you can't see its grille from the driver's seat.
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