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2020 Toyota Supra RC Model Looks Stunning, Has Tiny Widebody

Not all of those who wish to adorn their garage with a 2020 Toyota Supra end up fulfilling their dream. However, there's a much more affordable way of driving an Mk V Supra: you can always go for an RC model.
2020 Toyota Supra R/C Model 5 photos
2020 Toyota Supra R/C Model2020 Toyota Supra R/C Model2020 Toyota Supra R/C Model2020 Toyota Supra R/C Model
The example we have here is as good as any, with this even speaking of the widebody craze that has seen around 60 Supras of the sort storming the SEMA show last month. In fact, this more than just a toy was brought to our attention by Hugo Silva, the digital artist who designed the custom aero bits fitted to the car.

We've talked about a plethora of such renderings this season, so it's a pleasure to see the said kind of pixel work being put to good use in the real world. We

Speaking of the real world, you should know the model is produced by RC Arlos, a company that's based in The Netherlands. Judging by the dimensions of the tiny contraption, we're looking at a 1:10 scale model here and the thing is offered for around EUR60, VAT included.

However, you have to keep in mind that we're only talking about the body for an RC car. Built from Lexan and using a protective film, this comes in transparent form, so you'll have to paint it before placing the thing on the rolling chassis of the contraption.

Now, as is the case with 1:1 scale cars, you can't please everybody with one development. So, in case this kind of small machine floats your boat, but you're looking for a different approach, keep in mind that, for instance, we talked about another 2020 Toyota Supra RC model about two months ago. And it had a massive wing, the kind that not only dominates the car, but also the scenery around it, providing that somebody bothered to build one.


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