2020 Toyota Supra Gets the Viper ACR Treatment in Cool Rendering

What we predicted has begun to happen, as just days after 2020 Supra deliveries began, people wanted to drag race it or add more power to the now infamous BMW 3-liter inline engine.
2020 Toyota Supra Gets the Viper ACR Treatment in Cool Rendering 3 photos
Photo: flathat3d
2020 Toyota Supra Gets the Viper ACR Treatment in Cool Rendering2020 Toyota Supra Gets the Viper ACR Treatment in Cool Rendering
The limits of what can be done with the stock components will be reached soon, but the automotive world is not scared to dream big. One comment we hear all the time about the new Supra is that it's way bigger than it looks in the pictures. Not as big as a Viper, though.

Conner Avenue stopped rolling out new Vipers in 2017, but this isn't a product that's easily forgotten. Powered by an all-aluminum 8.4-liter V10, it's probably the rawest experience you can have in a modern car from a mainstream manufacturer.

If you squint your eyes, the new Supra kind of looks like a Viper, thanks to its long-nose proportions. But flathat3d decided to take things even further with this rendering/3D model.

The ACR was a record-setting track special that cost about $120,000 when new (a normal Viper was $93,000 including destination). Because they were so rare, a mint-condition example can go for as much as $200,000. So why not replicate the look on a $60,000 Toyota, right?

The trademark black and red stripes were easily added to his model of the A90, which already had a body kit of sorts. After that, the massive ACR wing was scaled down a little to fit the Supra, while a new adjustable front splitter and four small wings were custom-made.

If you'd like to see more Supra renderings, the same artist from Taiwan has made the Supra Targa happen, plus a widebody race car like you've never seen. In stock form, the Supra is down about 300 hp compared to the mighty Viper, but there's one area where it shines and that's comfort. You won't find much of that in the V10 beast which burns you with its side exhaust and tortures your bones.
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