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2020 Toyota Supra "Aero" Taillights Cover the Fake Vents, Look Sleek

The faux vents adorning the Mk V Toyota Supra have been the topic of heated debate. On the one hand, the carmaker explains these have been placed there so tuners car install functional units when their hardware mods demand extra colling. On the other hand, there are plenty of gear heads who complain about the existence of these elements.
2020 Toyota Supra "Air Vent" Taillights rendering 1 photo
Fortunately, there are aficionados out there who prefer not to spen their time complaining and come up with solutions instead. And the example we have here is as good as any, with this coming from a rendering that portrays custom taillights for the sportscar.

Ilustrator reuleaux7 has come up with these light clusters, which continue the shape of the factory units down into the bumper, thus covering the area where those fake vents used to be.

At least from where I'm standing, the taillights sitting before us perfectly match the looks of the 2020 Supra, without taking the visual story too far, which can always be an issue with aftermarket goodies. So here's to hoping some tuner out there turns these pixels into reality.

Now, as anybody who's seen the factory form of the new Supra can tell you, the example sitting before us also packs plenty of other aftermarket bits.

For instance, the widebody kit of the Japanese machine comes from digital art label flathat3D, whose work we've discussed in the past.

Then there's the custom wing. Penned by the said ilustrator, this may or may not work in real life, but certainly makes the Toyota stand out in the crowd of tuned Supra populating the Internet these days.

Speaking of which, have you set a reminder for November 5? That's when the 2019 SEMA show opens its gates to the public, with an important part of the Las Vegas venue set to involve modded Supras.


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