2020 Porsche Macan Could Receive Coupe-Styled Version

Porsche’s SUV range might be expanded in 2020 or shortly after with a derivative of the next-generation Macan.
2017 Porsche Macan Turbo with Performance Package 1 photo
Some of you remember the time when Porsche did not have an SUV or a four-door model in its portfolio. The German sports car brand was doing great if you were looking for a purist lineup, but things were bad from a financial point of view. Someone in the board thought up introducing an SUV in the Porsche range.

The launch of the first Cayenne offended some purists, and the idea was criticized over the Internet and in conversations between petrol heads.

Eventually, people accepted the Cayenne, and this happened because it drove and handled like a Porsche. The result brought much-needed sales to the German brand, as the Cayenne sold in volumes unimaginable before it was launched on the market.

The success of Porsche's first SUV is one of the reasons why you should not trust the average Joe's opinion of trends and new cars, as he or she cannot predict things like these.

Eventually, Porsche saw the success of its SUV as a motivation to continue the expansion of this body style in its lineup, and the Macan was born. Just like the Cayenne, it has a platform from the Volkswagen Group, which has been extensively modified to suit the taste of the brand.

While the world manifests its seemingly endless need for SUVs, automakers have adapted their portfolios according to the trend. In the case of premium brands, it is not enough to sell an SUV, but also Coupe-styled versions of this breed of automobile.

BMW was the first to introduce a Sports Activity Coupe, and Mercedes-Benz followed the trend with the GLE. Porsche is already testing a Coupe version of the Cayenne, which is expected to hit the market before 2019.

However, if Porsche will follow up on the compact coupe-styled SUV trend, the Macan could be the next in line for a new body style. While the ongoing Macan is not on the table for a transformation like this, the upcoming Macan might be considered for such a version.

We are several years away until Porsche launches the next Macan, so do not hold your breath waiting for the Coupe-inspired Macan.


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