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2020 Porsche 911 Shooting Brake Rendered As The One Porsche Won't Build

The Porsche 911 range is an example for other automakers, since the Neunelfer family holds over twenty derivatives at times, so, as long as you have between $100,000 and $300,000 to spend, there's one for everybody. Nevertheless, there are potential derivatives that might never make it into a Porsche showroom.
2020 Porsche 911 Shooting Brake Render 1 photo
And one of these models is the Porsche 911 Shooting Brake. Since Porsche has never offered such a body style in the almost six decades of 911 existence, we're not expecting the carmaker to introduce such a machine soon.

Truth be told, the rear-engined configuration of the 911 means adding extra room in the back wouldn't translate in a configuration that would allow it to accommodate four adults. Of course, the luggage capacity would be increased, but this is not the point here.

And let's keep in mind that adding weight at the back of the vehicle would upset the weight distribution of the Neunelfer even further.

Even without the matters mentioned above, the clientele for an S/B isn't exactly generous, so we can hardly rely on demand to convince the Germans to build such a car.

Then again, Porsche has brought us the Panamera Sport Turismo, which is the closest a Zuffenhausen machine will probably get to the idea of a shooting brake.

Well, all the drawbacks mentioned above won't keep the Internet from imagining a Porsche 911 shooting brake. And we've brought along such a render for today, as you can notice in the Instagram post below.

Note that the render we have here was built using the 2020 911 as a starting point. Nevertheless, the upper posterior of the car comes from the said Panny ST.

And whether such a Porscha dream floats your boat or not, you'll have to admit that it simply can't be ignored. which is why we decided to share this render with you.


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