2020 Porsche 911 GT3 Shows Massive Aero, Sub-7 Nurburgring Lap Time Rumored

Now that Porsche has released the Carrera S incarnation of the 992 Neunelfer, we can already think about the spicier incarnations of the rear-engined machine. Earlier today, we showed you the 2020 Porsche 911 Turbo testing and the time has now come to discuss the 2020 Porsche 911 GT3.
2020 Porsche 911 GT3 1 photo
Zuffenhausen is set to deliver the non-S Carrera versions in 2019, with the two specials mentioned above expected to follow later in the year.

Despite the ever-increasing emission regulation pressure, the GT3 will maintain its naturally aspirated flat-six, which means owners will get to enjoy assets such as the linear power delivery, the instant throttle response and, of course, the majestic high-rpm soundtrack.

The eighth incarnation of the 911 has received a dual-clutch tranny with just as many forward ratios and this will obviously be offered on the GT3. Nevertheless, Porsche will continue to offer a manual as an option, with prototypes like the one in the Instagram post at the bottom of the page having confirmed this through their soundtrack.

Unfortunately, the said emission regulations have forced Porsche to introduce particulate filter hardware on the 992. Together with the tougher crash structures and the 8-speed PDK, this means that newcomer is a noticeable 55 kg heavier then its predecessor, even though it packs an aluminum body.

And we can't wait to see how far the GT Division engineers are allowed to go in the effort to shave that scale footprint.

The wider front tracks of the 2020 Carrera already make the front axle as wide as that of the outgoing GT3, with this being one of the assets that make the car 5s quicker around the Nurburgring.

As for the 2020 GT3, we can take a look at the time of the car it replaces to see how quick the newcomer will be able to lap the Green Hell - the 991.2 cover the task in 7:12.7.

However, if we factor in the massive aero showcased by the production-ready prototypes, the rumors about the Sub-7 abilities of the Porscha might not be all that wild.


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