2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Rendering Might as Well Be an Official Photo

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class rendering 1 photo
Photo: X-Tomi Design
Mercedes-Benz has started refreshing its compact class by launching the 2019 A-Class, but as the German company constantly reminds us, there are tons of other models coming over the next few years.
We're not going to go through them all, but suffices to say there's going to be something for everyone, including family cars (the B-Class), crossovers (the GLA-Class), and even baby-SUVs (the GLB-Class).

The four-door coupe body style couldn't have missed, despite the fact this new generation of the A-Class is going to have a sedan version as well because it would just be a shame if Mercedes didn't do something to tap the U.S. market with this sexy new model. And we all know hatchbacks don't cut it there, for some reason.

Normally, the A-Class sedan and the CLA-Class should step on each other's toes quite badly as they're two cars based on the same platform that fulfill pretty much the same needs. Except Mercedes knew about the risk and took the necessary measures for that not to happen.

The best way to differentiate between the two was to make one more style-oriented, and support this direction with more luxury trimming and, why not, more powerful engines. We don't know anything about the latter part at this moment, but rumors have it the top AMG engine - the 2.0-liter twin-turbo unit developing over 400 hp - would only be available on the CLA45 (or CLA53, still not clear).

That means the A-Class Sedan is going to have to settle for a tamer 300 hp on its AMG version, which should still make it an interesting proposition. But even so, the biggest contrast between the two models with a three-box design is going to be their appearance.

Both cars have not been shown other than wearing extensive camouflage, but even so it's plain to see the Sedan is going to be identical to the hatchback all the way to the C-pillar, while the similarities will stop at the B-pillar for the CLA-Class. Its dropping roofline will instantly set it apart, which is a rare value inside a very homogenous Mercedes-Benz lineup.

This rendering doesn't reveal the rear of the car, which is obviously a lot more important than the front at this point - which we know will be identical to the A-Class. However, based on the spy shots and what common sense would say, it should be a tinier copy of the CLS-Class. Its backside hasn't had an excellent reception, but it would be much too late for Mercedes-Benz to do anything about the CLA's now, so... tough luck.
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