2019 Toyota Supra Possibly Leaked in Full, Racing Version Included

2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos 7 photos
Photo: Supra MKV forum
2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos2019 Toyota Supra leaked photos
The new Supra is one of the most heavily anticipated models coming out this year, and that's because it has some pretty gigantic shoes to fill. Plus, it's not every day that Toyota launches a sports car - make that every couple of years.
The Japanese manufacturer seems to rely on collaborations these days for its more exciting models, but its most recent attempt - the Subaru BRZ - Toyota GT-86 project - didn't go so smoothly. Not only was the GT-86 a partial flop, but it also came to life with the wrong kind of bang after Toyota and Subaru started arguing over who did what and who deserved more credit. The fact the cars weren't that impressive made the bickering look almost pathetic.

Now, though, the company has looked elsewhere for a joint-platform development and chose the Germans at BMW and their Z4 roadster. The progress of both vehicles has been closely monitored via the numerous spy shots and videos we've had for more than a year, and yet the Japanese were able to maintain most of the secrecy surrounding the new vehicle's appearance.

Well, these leaked photos (via Supra MKV forum) show we actually knew all along what it would end up looking like, we just didn't dare believe it. That's because the 2019 Toyota Supra is almost a carbon copy of the FT-1 concept shown back in 2014.

The camouflaged test cars did anticipate this resemblance, but the alleged leaked photos coming from a Japanese magazine show an actual twin of the design study. The only noticeable differences are the shape of the front bumper, the headlights (which are still cool), and a slightly more docile rear.

It also confirms something Toyota and BMW have been saying all along, which is that the two models sharing their platform will be completely different cars. We fail to see any traces of BMW in the way this Supra looks like, and without any intention of slagging the Z4, it has to be said that's a very positive thing.

The magazine pages also include a few specs of the new Supra, some of which we've already talked about - such as the sports car's dimensions and weight. However, it also reveals its 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) acceleration time, which seems to be a more than decent 3.8 seconds. Considering it has a straight-six engine with a 3.0-liter displacement producing 340 hp, that time actually scarcely believable.

One of the magazine's spreads includes a picture of a race-ready Toyota Supra, probably specced to meet the requirements of a Japanese competition - something similar to the GT3 class, we'd guess. By the looks of it, this version is the owner of that big wing we saw in a teaser a few days ago. Expect to see both models at Toyota's booth at the Geneve Motor Show opening this March.
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