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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied, Mercedes-Maybach Rumors Intensify

The second generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLS, which will be the first all-new one, is now in its advanced development stages. The German engineers are now hard at work to test the flagship SUV of the three-pointed star.
2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied 7 photos
2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS Spied
The prototype you can check out in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page now talks about the practical side of the full-size SUV, showing its roof rails.

While the LED headlights are clearly here in production trim, we can't say the same about the taillights of the test car, which still feature the provisional design of the early prototypes.

Since the final letter of the model's designation links it to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you can expect the newcomer to take the lavish side of the once-a-GL to a whole new level.

As such, while the standard models will offer a seven-seat configuration, we're more interested in the models sitting at the top of the range.

This is where the rumor mill talks about two high-riding jewels. The first is a Mercedes-Maybach version of the new GLS. Given the fact that the German automaker is now in a new phase of resurrection for the Maybach label, such a luxurious machine seems rather likely.

We can't say the same about the rumored Mercedes-AMG G65, though - while the V8-animated G63 is a certainty, the V12-powered G65 badge makes for a collector's item more than anything else and the GLS doesn't exactly seem like the kind of vehicle that would fit such a status.

As far as the competition from its premium German rivals goes, Audi doesn't seem to be willing to enter this side of the segment, since its Q8 takes the Q7 into the SUV-coupe are. Nevertheless, BMW is almost ready to introduce the X7 and, given the bold styling cues we've seen on the concept prefigurating the SUV, the Merc will have a serious rival.

Of course, the Range Rover LWB (long-wheelbase) also needs to be taken into consideration when talking about the Old Continent side of the segment.

Once the smaller 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE makes its debut next year, we can expect the new GLS to arrive.

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