2019 Lotus Evora Roadster Will Come to the U.S.

Lotus is working on a roadster version of the Evora, and it will be sold in the USA.
Lotus Evora 400 1 photo
The drop-top variant of the British sports car will be launched in early 2018, but we would not rule out seeing it sooner. Lotus has decided to expand its current portfolio with new versions of existing models.

The decision is linked to the need of increasing sales without making massive investments. In turn, once these models are launched and become successful on the market, the company can focus on funding the development of its first SUV.

A previous interview offered by Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales announced that the corporation would have the Evora Roadster "ready in 22 months." The oddly-specific deadline was mentioned in October 2016, so you could see a drop-top Evora in Lotus price lists by August 2018, if everything goes according to plan.

As usual with Lotus models, the convertible version of the Evora will be as light as possible, and rigidity will be a priority for its development team. In other words, do not expect it to be significantly heavier than the regular model, or too slow in comparison. You should not be surprised if Lotus offers a 400 HP version of the convertible model, especially since the latter would command a price premium on top of the fact that it is a roadster.

Lotus’ CEO has previously stated that the company has had a positive cash-flow since August 2016, and that it is already turning an operational profit. Thanks to careful management of its resources, Lotus could continue to make its incredibly light vehicles without worrying about its future.

Evidently, an SUV is still present in the future Lotus lineup, but we expect the Hethel brand to bring the lightest and most nimble model in its segment. We admit that our expectations are high on this one, but it might turn out to be a spectacular automobile.


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