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2019 BMW 3 Series Spied in Front of Calvin Klein Store

So far, we've seen lots of BMW 3 Series models at the Nurburgring and even a wagon version. However, this takes the cake: a Colorado sighting in the parking lot of a Calvin Klein store.
2019 BMW 3 Series Spied in Front of Calvin Klein Store 3 photos
2019 BMW 3 Series Spied in Front of Calvin Klein Store2019 BMW 3 Series Spied in Front of Calvin Klein Store
Does this mean that the sedan is so fun the driver need a change of shorts? It probably doesn't, but we couldn't help making the joke.

With BMW changing the way it does exhausts, this could be anything. But the combination of M Sport body bits and small dual tips at the back cements this as something like a 328i or 330i - basically a 2-liter turbo model.

The four-cylinder turbo is by far the most popular engine in this segment from the Jaguar XE 300 Sport to the Alfa Romeo Giulia. We expect the 330i to match the 530i's 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, though a little more can't hurt.

TFL got pretty up close and personal with the prototype, allowing us to see some new frills that have been added at the bottom of the headlights. A prominent, black grille and oversized lower intake can be viewed in the video.

People are not blown over by this design, according to the comments section. They say it looks too much like the older model, both inside and out. A BMW will always look like a BMW, and there's nothing you can do about that. The 3 Series has been with us since 1975, so you can't compare it to last year's Tesla.

While the 3er is a classic, the sedan segment is undeniably witnessing a contraction right now. Despite that, there's no shortage of competitors, all with their little quirks, such as the crammed Jaguar XE or the dull Audi A4.

We think the real rivals are high-spec mid-size sedans like the Camry and Accord, as well as the impressive-looking Volvo S60, which is now made in America.

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