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2019 Audi A6 Details and Heritage Discussed in Latest Videos

Audi just revealed the all-new A6 sedan today. With just two engines detailed, we're looking forward to the S6, the wagon and maybe even a few sub-200 HP base models.
2019 Audi A6 Details and Heritage Discussed in Latest Videos 1 photo
However, Audi begins one of the videos it released today with the 100 sedan. Yes, the mid-size executive sedan from the four-ring brand is 50 years old already. It was developed in secret because of a ban on new cars but impressed Heinrich Nordhoff that he approved it anyway.

By comparison, the all-new A6 model is a car from a completely different era. Some of the features that are being presented here defy expectations. For example, the door can be unlocked using a smartphone, taking advantage of the NFC system.

And no, you don't need an iPhone to use the connectivity features like in a BMW. The A6 can also take live traffic updates from other cars.

And despite what everybody is saying about Audi design, we're going to openly admit that we prefer it to the Mercedes E-Class. Sharp creases all over the body suggest more modern fabrication methods, while the full-length taillights seem like something pulled from a spaceship.

However, even in the official video, we can see the horrible fake exhaust tips which are just trim. The Jaguar XF also does sportiness a little better, but all the badge snobs probably forgot about it already.

At the front, a more aggressive A7-inspired face is enjoyed best with the S-Line body kit. Those LED headlights also know a lot of tricks. The cabin is also a carbon copy of the bigger A7 Sportback, which means fewer buttons and more screens.

There's a 10-inch touchscreen for the main infotainment system, an 8-inch screen for the climate control and a digital cluster. Configurable? Very!

Audi boasts that the A6 has more legroom than all its rivals. There's also an automatic trunk opening, but the convenience features we love are the rear-wheel steering and quattro rear differential.

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