2018 Volkswagen Polo Alltrack, Sedan and Variant Rendered

2018 Volkswagen Polo Alltrack, Sedan and Variant Rendered 4 photos
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2018 Volkswagen Polo Alltrack, Sedan and Variant Rendered2018 Volkswagen Polo Alltrack, Sedan and Variant Rendered2018 Volkswagen Polo Alltrack, Sedan and Variant Rendered
Wagons, off-roading wagons, and sedans are still a pretty important part of Volkswagen's success. But while the all-new Polo is one of the most technologically advanced superminis we've ever seen, a Variant or Alltrack version looks unlikely.
We honestly have no idea why Volkswagen stopped making Polo wagons. They had one up until around 2001, and there was also a dorky but cool early 3-door load-lugger. But nowadays, Skoda is the only company in the group to put extra junk in its B-segment trunk.

X-Tomi Design's rendition of the 2018 Polo Variant seems to combine a few elements from the Golf. However, the rear overhang is too short, thus reminding us of the previous generation Audi A3 Sportback, the 8PA if you want to be technical about it. It's got that "I'm too cool to be called a wagon" look going on.

Next up, we have the Polo sedan, and that will eventually be built. But we're not quite sure it will look like this. We think there's going to be a version made for India as a premium alternative to the Skoda Rapid. However, the raked roof of in the rendering doesn't match VW's mantra of putting practicality first.

And finally, we have the Polo Alltrack image, our favorite. The extra body cladding usually makes soft-roaders look cheaper, but not in this case; the Alltrack cuts an even more masculine/sober silhouette than the regular Polo.

Calling it an Alltrack seems wrong. After all, that name is usually given to cars that have all-wheel drive. But how many people are even going to mount a curb, let alone climb a steep hill? It would be a mistake to continue calling it the Polo Cross. Likewise, Volkswagen would be dumb to give up on a segment which Ford now wants a part of, even if there's an overlap wth the upcoming T-Roc crossover.

So tell us, which is your favorite rendering of the three? Or perhaps these ideas don't mean anything to you, and you'd have nothing to do with the Volkswagen.
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