2018 Porsche 911 GT3 U.S. Deliveries Kick Off, Here's a Chalk Jewel

While European Porsche dealers have enjoyed the presence of the 2018 911 GT3 for a few months now, the time has now come for dealerships found on American soil to welcome the 991.2 GT3.
Chalk 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 US-Spec 3 photos
US-spec Chalk 2018 Porsche 911 GT3US-spec Chalk 2018 Porsche 911 GT3
And the GT Division beast you're looking at is one of the first to have landed in the U.S. Dressed in Chalk, an uber-popular color, the machine packs an elaborate spec, one involving the optional PCCB (Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes) hardware, hence the banana-colored calipers.

Of course, with Zuffenhausen having kicked off production of the manual models last month, you can expect to meet both stick shift and PDK examples across America. The uber-clean Touring Package is obviously also offered in the U.S. and we're expecting this to become a Cars & Coffee sensation.

What has changed for the journey across the ocean? Fortunately, not too much

Gone are the days when the U.S. safety legislation saw American-spec Neunelfer packing the kind of bumper elements only a mother could love. Nowadays, the main exterior differences between the Euro and the U.S. models come from the shape of the license plate area and the yellow reflective elements of the latter.

However, when it comes to GT Division Porsches, there's one important cabin difference between the two. To be more precise, the Neunelfer examples destined for Uncle Sam don't pack roll cages. That's because the U.S. safety regulations stated that the interior isn't allowed to include non-deformable elements that can injure the head of an occupant not wearing a seat belt.

Sure, the real-life result of the law sounds ironical, since it obviously ends up limiting the passive safety of the vehicle. But the aftermarket side of the industry will gladly adress this.

For instance, as we discussed in February last year, BBI Performance can install a half-cage in your track-savvy Neunelfer for around $2,500, so there's no reason to fret.


Brand new 2018 991.2 GT3 in Chalk here in the states. They are starting to land! Might have to get one to fill the void... Congrats @eman319 L

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