2018 Mercedes S560 Fuel Consumption Test Features New 4.0L V8

People look at the 2018 S-Class and think nothing has changed. However, there hasn't been such a substantial change to the engine lineup in many years. Most of that has to do with the inline-6 configuration. However, the S560 is also noteworthy.
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I think we first started noticing that Mercedes is changing its V8s when the G550 4x4 Squared came out. "It's a de-tuned version of the AMG GT," they said. However, the 4.0-liter has found its way in many more cars, the most notable of which is the E63 S.

The S63 also has a 4.0-liter V8 now, down from a 5.5-liter. And so does the S560 that replaces the S500/550. While the name of the configuration is very retro, the engineering under the hood is modern and geared towards balancing power and efficiency.

Of course, it's not actually as good as the manufacturer claims. In fact, the real world numbers exceed even those of some AMG models. But you have a 2-ton flagship sedan with a V8 engine. Did you expect it to be a Prius as well?

Anyway, the fuel consumption test video we found is in Polish, but it's pretty easy to understand. You set the cruise control to a certain speed and see what the car drinks. That gives you a rough idea of what it will be like in the real world.

At 90 km/h, the S560 drinks fuel at a rate of 7.5 liters per 100 km. Bump that up to 140 km/h and the "needle" will nudge 11.4 l/100km. Of course, cold engines burn a lot more fuel. Over the first 3 kilometers after setting off on its journey, the S-Class has a rating of 18.2 l/100km. But because of the ample power reserves, the rev counter only reaches 1,750rpm at that point, which is roughly where all the torque starts being available.

The Polish reviewer says that during more spirited driving, you can expect your V8-powered 2018 S-Class to use 20 liters of fuel ever 100 km. Still, that's no worse than a hot hatch or an average sports car.

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