2018 Honda Civic Type R Meets S2000, Chaos Ensues

Unfortunately, this video doesn't have a quarter mile drag race hidden inside. We just want to tell you guys that before you watch 15 minutes of goofing around. However, if you're a hardcore Honda fan and want to see the 2018 Civic Type R next to your childhood hero, the S2k, this is it.
2018 Honda Civic Type R Meets S2000, Chaos Ensues 5 photos
As the story goes, there's a bunch of guys at a car garage, and they call themselves the Hoonigans. They've got inside jokes, such as talking about cameras shaking. Also, the garage has a neat yard where all sorts of havoc happen, usually ending with the cops being called.

The guy who brought the Civic Type R over is Indy 500 winner Alexander Rossi. He's supposed to know a thing or two about racing, but even he admits that the rev-matching system built by Honda is better than a human.

Hooning the Type R is always an option, especially after ogling the engine that has "both turbo and VTEC." The only problem is that it's got a button instead of a handbrake lever, so doing a smoking burnout is easier said than done - reverse, using a much of people to hold it back... they tried everything.

No such problems with the S2000, which doesn't have the red seatbelts of the Type R, but compensates with a cool aftermarket top and doing liberating donuts for YouTube to enjoy.

There's also a quick race, done over a couple of dozen yards. We know we're not supposed to draw conclusions from these impromptu competitions, but it really does look like the Honda now makes a hot hatch that's faster than the infamous VTEC sportscar.

We want to say the S2000 is still the one your heart desires. But we're all second-graders deep down inside, and fake carbon fiber plus red accents everywhere equals pure automotive gold. So let's have a vote and decide which is the best Honda.

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