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2018 Ford GT Destroys Porsche 918 Spyder in Car and Driver VIR Lightning Lap

While multiple 2017/2018 Ford GT owners have taken delivery of their velocity tools, we have yet to witness the full track might of the Blue Oval halo car. And the good news keeps coming, with the latest adventure of the sort coming from the Virginia International Raceway having recently crowed the GT as its leader.
2018 Ford GT at VIR 6 photos
2018 Ford GT at VIR2018 Ford GT at VIR2018 Ford GT at VIR2018 Ford GT at VIR2018 Ford GT at VIR
The twin-turbo V6-animated supercars was recently put through its paces at VIR as part of the Car and Driver Lightning Lap and the results are impressive. To be more precise, the chronograph number of the Ford, which sits at 2:43, allowed it to steal the show of the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Those of you following LL stunts might remember that the carmaker couldn't prepare a GT for the latest edition of the adventure. As such, the machine has now received a dedicated track session, but this came with a drawback.

To be more precise, the editors explained that the normal three-day stunt would've allowed a significant drop in the said circuit number. Nevertheless, the mag has already requested another GT for the next session.

As for the character of the supercar, the journos place this halfway between the refined experience delivered by Euro jewels and the brutish thrills associated with US metal.

Despite the royal status of the Ford GT, there's one question that sits on everybody's lips. This has to do with how the Blue Oval halo car would stack up against the McLaren 720S. The pricing of the Brit makes this a rival for the GT - we can't talk about the McLaren Senna here, since this comes with a price tag of $1 million.

And with the Woking missile having already demonstrated that it can one-up the GT at Willow Springs, we're expecting this to take the crown from the FGT once it sets wheel on VIR asphalt.

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