2018 Ford Fiesta Shelby GT350 Imagined as the Track Car We'll Never Get

It's not nice to answer a question with another question, but, if you ask us, we're wondering what took the Internet so long to come up with a rendering as crazy as the one we have here.
2018 Ford Fiesta Shelby GT350 Rendering 1 photo
It's been almost a week since the Blue Oval introduced the 2018 Fiesta (we're actually dealing with the 2017 Fiesta, since only the Euro-spec model has been revealed). As a result and given the kind of effervescent vibe the render realm has nowadays, we feel the question above is legitimate - we've gotten used to the world wide web reacting within the first 24 hours from a vehicle's launch.

Regardless, we can be almost certain that the Fiesta we have here won't make into the real world. Unless some eccentric Ford enthusiasts out there doesn't decide his Mustang Shelby GT350R needs a little brother and commissions a build that sees the track-savvy pony's elements migrating to the subcompact.

Hopefully, we will get a Fiesta RS, as we said in the article we published earlier today when we brought you another rendering. The two pixel creations come from the same digital artist, namely X-Tomi, who also gave us the Fiesta ST render a few days ago.

Sticking to the Fiesta RS theme, Ford is rumored to turn the new ST into a three-cylinder model, which would make room for a new turbo-four at the top of the supermini range. The ST, which has been confirmed, won't land until late next year, though, which means we have some serious waiting to do before we get to find out if these rumors are true.

P.S.: Since we're talking digital variations of the seventh-generation Ford Fiesta, perhaps we should also remind you of the time when we brought you the Cabriolet model rendering. Oh, and in case you were wondering about the source of this open-top model, you're right, this also comes from the pixel wielder mentioned above.


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