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2016 Tesla Model X Launch Date Set for This Summer, Elon Musk: the “X is done”

Since it was revealed as a design prototype on February 9th, 2012, Elon Musk has been getting on the nerves of all Tesla Model X potential customers. First promised to go into production at “the end of 2013,” the all-electric crossover will become reality this summer if Lady Luck will smile upon Musk.
2016 Tesla Model X cruising in Palo Alto, California 1 photo
Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the Musk man assured that the “X is done,” as he also promised at last month’s Tesla Motors earnings call. After last night’s conference on the Model S’ newest firmware updates (Auto Steering, Range Assurance and Trip Planner), Twitter was alight with this: “Model X is coming out this summer.”

Alexander Kaufman from the Huffington Post is claiming that the 2016 Tesla Model X will boast with some “elements people haven't seen in the show car,” while Gavin Martinsson Tweeted that it “will also have an ionic separator so you can pee into the car and the car uses it as a lossless dialectric. #GENIUS.” I am somewhat... terrified by that.

Lastly, James Batchelor of AutoExpress tweeted that the “Model X due this summer and will feature things we haven't seen on the concept before... unsurprisngly [sic].” As things stand at the present moment, we believe that the Tesla Model X is virtually ready for production, with a single problem in the way of that being the tooling for the manufacturer’s Fremont factory.

As noted in our previous Model X coverage, the all-electric, all-wheel drive, dual-motor crossover SUV will borrow the D-ified Model S’ powertrain and much of its chassis, seat up to 7 people and will come in three guises (60 kWh, 85 kWh and 85 kWh Performance). The X’s Falcon Wing Doors are confirmed too.


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