2017 Rolls-Royce Phantom to Get BMW i3 Technology

Just yesterday we were talking about the i sub-brand and the drastic investments that went into creating it. Apparently, all new cars in every brand owned by the BMW Group will benefit from it, Rolls-Royce included.
Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 photo
The Phantom, the legendary model in its line-up, was designed as it is in 2003 and, over the 11 years of production, only received minor updates that were mostly meant to keep the gadgets inside up to date.

Under the outer shell, from a technological point of view, nothing really changed. The same engines and the same chassis were used, the famous, unique aluminum spaceframe structure being at the core of all things.

However, that’s all about to change, if we’re to believe Autocar. They apparently sat down with Rolls-Royce design boss Giles Taylor that told them that the company is already working on the new model and that it will have a ‘less formal’ styling.

As if that wasn’t enough of a big change, the management is also considering using i3 technology for the new Phantom. While the ‘less formal’ styling rumor gave us the chills, the i3 tech might not be such a bad thing.

It would actually be a good thing, as the current model is quite heavy due to the V12 engine under the bonnet and all the commodities installed inside. Making it lighter using new alloys and, who knows, even CFRP would definitely be welcome.

Of course, you don’t buy a Phantom for the way it drives but rather for the status and image it brings you but taking emissions and fuel consumption down will definitely be welcome by everyone, including the richest of the richest that can actually afford this car.

The V12 powerplant will surely be kept but we could also see an EV model rolling out and that’s where most of the i3 tech will be used. Since Rolls-Royce probably can’t afford to do all the necessary research for such a model, number and tech will be ‘borrowed’ from the i sub-brand. An all-electric model is definitely out of discussion as long as petrol can still be found.


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