2017 Porsche Panamera Mule Features New Boot and Spoiler Design

2017 Porsche Panamera 13 photos
Photo: SB-Medien
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It's been a few months since we last checked up on the development of the Panamera 2. After spotting basic test mules on numerous occasions at the Nurburgring, our spy photographer just scooped a new prototype with quite a few interesting features. From the front, there's not that much to report, but the back end looks a little longer and features different tailgate design.
The photo we chose as a cover for our story is the most telling. There, you can see how the boot spoiler hindges upwards and has a huge surface area, remindings us in a way of the Audi A7. Of course, everybody knows that the current Panamera has a spit spoiler that lifts and opens up. But just to make sure we're on the same page, there's a video at the bottom of our story.

German Engineering at Its Finest

Without tooting Porsche's horn too much, we can honestly say the Panamera is still the best at what it does, even five years after its launch. Stuttgart's continued efforts in the engineering department should ensure this will continue to be true.

Changes aren't only skin-deep on this Mk2 Panamera. Based on a new platform, it will be significantly lighter and stiffer than the current mode, which is no bad thing. The current version of Porsche's four-door sportscar can push over two tons in weight. But using the new MSB platform, the second-gen is expected to become lighter by around 200 lbs (91 kg).

Those mules we mentioned in the beginning of our story were at the Nurburgring for a single purpose: developemnt of new engines. Stuttgart has already esqued natural aspiration on many of its latest creations and the trend will only accelerate going forward. We expect none of the Panamera's new mill to be naturally aspirated.

Twin-turbo V6 engines have already been launched. However, a vail o secrecy surrounds the replacement for the Turbo engine. Rumor has it Porsche is working on an all-new V8 block that's smaller, either a 4.4 or a 4.0-liter.

More Hybrids?

Considering the role played by the Chinese market in Porsche's sales charts, we also expect to see the first four-cylinder engines offered in the Panamera, playing a plug-in hybrid role. However, this has yet to be confirmed by any official activity from Porsche. The engine itself could come from the Macan, currently the only Porsche with an inline-4 engine.

The all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is offered in a similar setup, combining its 204 PS small diesel with a small electric motor on th S 300 BlueTec Hybrid. And we know what you're thinking – that the Panamera already has a hybrid version and it's a V6 – except the S-Class has no less than three.

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