2017 Porsche 911 R Ends Up on eBay for Ridiculous Price, Speculation Is Insane

When Porsche introduced the 911 R at the Geneva Motor Show, the slow clap generated by the presence of a third pedal was followed by a less-than-positive feeling that accompanied the "sold out" part of the announcement.
Porsche 911 R nose 1 photo
With Zuffenhausen only building 991 examples of this driving pleasure-focused Neunelfer, only the top dealers got an allocation, while these contacted their most loyal customers. In theory, this scheme was supposed to keep speculators at bay, but it seems we're talking eBay instead.

An example of the 911 R ended up on the online trading platform and the price is simply hard to describe, as the superb rear-engined machine is listed at a mind-bending $1.25 million.

At first, we checked the calendar to confirm we're past April 1st. However, we subsequently checked out the seller's profile and it seems things are legitimate. In fact, the seller was kind enough to explain the minimum selling price, which can be translated to $1.08 million at the current exchange rate.

Sure, nobody expected to find one of these manual beasts retailing for the $184,900 MSRP. After all, Porsche admitted the 911 R was an afterthought and seeing how the German automaker used its parts bin to come up with the most expensive coupe of the 911 line-up (according to the MSRP) easily allowed us to expect a financial black hole. However, the easy money aim here seems to come straight from another universe.

Many Porsche aficionados would probably go for a senior machine with racing pedigree, if asked to spend this kind of money. Well, there's nothing to be worried about, the seller has also ticked this box.

The ad states you can also have 1 of 25 street-legal Porsche 911 GT1 racecars of the 996 era. How can we thank this guy for being so considerate? As the ad explains, at least €4.25 million ($4.85 million) would be nice.


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