2017 Nissan Rogue Recalled Over Corroded Harness Connector, 125k Units Affected

Scotty Kilmer hates Nissan with a passion, sometimes more than the Japanese automaker deserves. But on the other hand, the naked truth is that Nissan leaves much to be desired in many respects, including quality.
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Take, for instance, the 2017 model year Rogue crossover. No fewer than 125,215 units are called back in the United States because water may leak into the dash side harness, causing the harness connector to corrode.

Nissan became aware of this problem after Transport Canada forced the Japanese automaker to issue a safety recall for the very same problem. Over in the United States, campaign 22V-024 comprised a simply unbelievable 688,946 units of the 2014 through 2016 model year Rogue.

Nissan gingerly notes “the recall was limited to 2014 – 2016 vehicles only as the production countermeasure that removed the tape from the dashboard side harness was implemented at the start of production for 2017 vehicles.” A week after the initial recall was issued, the Yokohama-based automaker was slapped on the wrist by Transport Canada yet again.

The Ottawa-based department asked Nissan to investigate a corroded harness connector in a 2017 model year Rogue. Said investigation carried on through September 2022. Four incidents of corrosion were found on 2017 model year Rogue dashboard side harness connectors, two in Canada and the remaining two in the United States. Given these circumstances, Nissan didn’t have a choice but to issue a new recall for 2017 crossovers.

The issue was reportedly corrected in production at the start of the 2018 model year, with Nissan switching to a waterproof connector. Recalled vehicles won’t receive this redesigned part. In typical Nissan fashion, the Japanese automaker has instructed its U.S. dealers to apply grease and repair any corroded connector as necessary. The remedy may be effective, but one cannot escape the feeling that 2017 Rogue owners deserve better.

Said owners will be informed by first-class mail on January 20th, 2023.

 Download: Nissan Rogue corrosion recall (PDF)


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