2017 McLaren 570S Sprint Breaks Cover Ahead of 2016 Goodwood FoS Debut

What starts with M and finished with cLaren 570S Sprint? The most affordable McLaren racing car ever, that is. More to the point, £148,000 or $217,575 at current exchange rates. By comparison, the road-going 570S Coupe starts at £143,250.
2017 McLaren 570S Sprint 7 photos
2017 McLaren 570S Sprint2017 McLaren 570S Sprint2017 McLaren 570S Sprint2017 McLaren 570S Sprint2017 McLaren 570S Sprint2017 McLaren 570S Sprint
Before anything, press play. It sounds different, doesn’t it? The more guttural exhaust note isn’t the only thing you’re getting, though. The most focused Sports Series model has been developed with one purpose in mind: race track thrills. Available as standard in orange, the Sprint can also be finished in Sports Series colors and MSO Defined liveries. On the outside, the name of the game is downforce.

Highlights such as the air piercing bumper, GT3-inspired high temp radiator, aggressive splitter, and 570S GT4-like floor assembly help with that. The floating door tendons, on the other hand, help with channeling air to the side-mounted engine radiators which keep the force-fed V8 cool and. Be that as it may, the most important and arguably most striking aerodynamic add-on is the carbon fiber fixed rear wing.

The veins of the McLaren 570S Sprint are filled with New Line 0W-40 oil, a blend developed by Mobil 1. As the name suggests, the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine from the road-going car is carried over, albeit the “power and torque levels have been optimized to ensure the ultimate levels of driver engagement and the best levels of noise, too.” McLaren hasn’t shared any numbers, then again, the race-spec exhaust alone is theoretically able to add a handful of ponies over the standard 562 HP (570 PS) and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm).

All four corners employ center-lock lightweight cast magnesium wheels that wear Pirelli racing slicks. Suspension-wise, the 570S Sprint and street-legal model are sharing the double wishbones and anti-roll bars. If you plan to go racing in this thing, McLaren will gladly prepare your car to GT4 specification.

Deliveries of the McLaren 570S Sprint will commence in 2017.

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