2017 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder First Drive: Will Spin Quicker than a Viper

Those who are willing to adorn their garages with a Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder will have to wait until January next year - this is only normal, since the Raging Bull's latest creation was only revealed last month, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. But how does this Sant'Agata Bolognese machine feel like from behind the wheel?
2017 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder First Drive 5 photos
2017 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder First Drive2017 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder First Drive2017 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder First Drive2017 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder First Drive
We were a bit surprised to see the piece of footage at the bottom of the page coming up with such an early answer to this question. The video, which comes from The Hooniverse, brings us a first drive.

In our book, the conclusions delivered here seem a little vague, as we would've loved to see more accurate impressions instead of sweet-sounding figures of speech.

Then again, when a drive arrives so early, you can't have too many complaints - Jeff Glucker, Hooniverse Executive Editor, did manage to get his hands on the open-top rear-wheel-drive V10 animal way ahead of his former colleagues over at Autoblog and, given the manner in which they parted ways, we have a hunch that at least somebody in this story keeps track of how the other side is doing nowadays.

Returning to the Sant'Agata Bolognese beast we have here, the RWD Spyder does so much more for the Huracan line-up than simply enriching the bouquet. With the introduction of this model, Lamborghini marked a new nomenclature and given the emotional aura of the Italian carmaker, dropping the numerical part of its nameplates, which only made sense to some of us, seems like the right thing to do.

As we did when talking about the official release of the Huracan RWD Spyder, we'll mention the Huracan drift car built for this year's edition of the SEMA show. Drifted all over the place, Lamborghini dealership included, by Mr. and Ms. Hubinette, the RWD Coupe, which has been fitted with a hydraulic handbrake, easily demonstrates the tail-out possibilities of the platform.

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