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2017 Ford GT Roadster Rendered from Above, Ready to Take on LaFerrari Spider

2017 Ford GT customers may have gone through a draconian selection process, but the folks who are ready to spend $400,000 on a Blue Oval machine still have some waiting to do until receiving their twin-turbo beasts.
2017 Ford GT Roadster rendering 1 photo
Given this, expecting Ford to discuss a potential open-air incarnation of the new GT would be downright ridiculous at this point. Even so, there's no way of stopping the internet from doing its rendering thing and offering us a superb pixel rearrangement take on the 2017 Ford GT Roadster matter.

Coming from digital artist Evren Milano, who has a thing for rendering top-tier, high-octane machines, the digitally manipulated image above gives us a stunning view from above a hypothetical GT Roadster.

And while, as we mentioned above, it's way too early to tell whether Ford will add an open-top derivative, the Blue Oval could follow Ferrari's example - back in 2013 when the LaFerrari was released, nobody talked about a Spider and yet FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne has confirmed the model earlier this year.

Ah, the amusing ways of the rivalry between Ferrari and Ford. As far as Maranello is concerned, this story was never supposed to be born, but, after Ford pulled its Le Mans miracle five decades ago, there was no turning back.

The Blue Oval repeated its Circuit de la Sarthe performance earlier this month, with the Ford GT racecar grabbing the trophy on its first year and leaving the Ferrari 488 GTE behind.

Sure, the GTE-Pro battle would've been far more spectacular had the two automakers engaged in LMP1 racing, as the Prancing Horse is rumored to, but even if these classes didn't exist back in the day, the continuity of the brawl remains obvious.

In a similar fashion, even if the 2017 Ford GT and the LaF don't play in the same league, a GT Roadster could give car spotters across the world a few reasons to take their cameras away from the upcoming Ferrari LaFerrari Spider.


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