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2017 Ford GT Reveals Its Secrets Inside Jay Leno’s Garage

With Ford Performance keeping us thirsty for details about the upcoming 2017 GT, Jay Leno may be up to something. The comedian has recently spent some time around the Blue Oval’s new supermachine and is ready to share the conclusions with us.
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The denim-savvy star has recently released a teaser for the next episode of his Jay Leno Show, one we hope will shed some extra light on the imminent supercar. The host offers us a sneak peek at what appears to be a deep 2017 GT experience.

Ford may have released the new-age GT in production-ready form at NAIAS back in January, but the carmaker has only provided a fraction of the info we need in order to get acquainted with this fuselage-packing beast.

For one thing, we all want to know what lies at the middle of the GT. Sure, the Blue Oval might have talked about the output of their halo car, but they only mentioned it would deliver north of 600 hp.

Will we get a figure close to the one mentioned above or will we end up with something close to the Lamborghini Aventador’s 691 hp (that’s 700 PS for all you metric system fans)?

We didn’t mention the Sant’Agata Bolognese creation by mistake - the GT is expected to be offered for around $400 grand, which would put it straight into a battle with the V12 Raging Bull.

With half the cylinders but packing a twin-turbo setup, the GT has been digitally teased in Forza Motorsport. Showing up on the cover of the game, the digital version of the Ford halo car has 630 hp and a peak torque of 539 lb-ft (731 Nm).

For now, we can only drive the 2017 GT in a game, which reminds us of the 1990s Ford GT Concept - until it evolved into the road-going GT of the 2000s, Ford allowed fans to handle the machine in no less than three of its racing games.

Or we can wait for some impressions offered by Jay Leno. We tend to trust the guy with four-wheeled slabs of America.

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