2017 Ford GT Launch Is Getting Closer - Will You Be Deemed Worthy of Owning One?

It must be really frustrating having enough money to buy a car, but not enough credentials. Ferrari customers are used to this feeling more than anybody else, but it seems potential 2017 Ford GT buyers might get the chance to experience it.
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While this sounds a bit cruel and unfair, you have to put yourself in Ford's shoes for a second. They will only be making 250 Ford GTs and it's fair to say they will become very attached to each and every one of them. Just like some loving parents would do, they care a lot about where their little offsprings will end up, so they're becoming very picky.

All joking aside, when you have a limited number of vehicles at your disposal, every one of them turns into an image vector for the brand so you, as a company, need to be very careful who you choose as a customer. Imagine a kid with more money than brains - we're in no short supply of those - gets his hands on a Ford GT and plants it in the first tree he can find. What will the headlines say? That's not a situation you'd want to associate your name with.

What's more, there's always the chance of running into the kind of people who have no interest in the car, but are very interested in the money they could make by selling it instantly for a premium. That would also make for a very embarrassing situation for Ford, one they would very much like to avoid.

That's why Ford is employing a different acquisition system for its new 700 hp plus hypercar. When the ordering books will open in early 2016, anybody will be free to apply. That being said, it won't be a case of "first come, first served," no, far from it. The future Ford GT owners will have to go through a screening process where brand's loyal customers and owners of the previous GT model will have priority.

After that, comes the fun part: personalizing the car and choosing where to have it delivered.

It's interesting to see how successful Ford will be in this enterprise, as it's their first time doing anything of the sorts. Until then, come to think of it, it's even more interesting to see how good the new Ford GT really is.
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