2017 Chevrolet Bolt Review Can Only Half-Pick on Its Styling

Regardless of how the first mainstream Tesla model turns out to be, GM did very well to launch its Bolt electric hatchback way before the Model 3 came out.
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This means that people who aren't Tesla owners or die-hard fans of the brand but would like to buy an affordable electric car are left with only one real option, and that is the new Chevrolet Bolt (or Opel Ampera-e for those living in Europe).

The GM car is so much better than the competition that it's actually hard to tell which cars it's going against. The logical choice would be the Nissan LEAF, but until the Japanese manufacturer releases the new model, there's no real contest between the two.

After the press launch that included a road trip meant to showcase the EV's ability to deliver on the promised 238 miles of maximum range, all the following reviews have confirmed it: the Bolt can do the EPA-rated range, or even exceed it.

The latest publication to put a magnifying glass over GM's electric hatchback is the Green Car Reports. They have released a four-minute-long video where the Bolt gets dissected, but the only real worries raised about the car are its design and its exterior charging speed.

GM has gone with the more traditional approach in terms of outside looks, and a lot of people would agree with this choice. Many electric cars get slammed for 'trying too hard to look different,' but the Bolt does not fall into that trap. The reviewer's conclusion was that the Bolt is 'not unappealing - but it's definitely out there on the styling spectrum.'

It's one of those cases where the benefits it brings - and the fact they are unique on the market at the moment - can very easily negate any styling shortcomings that some people might feel that Bolt's tall silhouette has. Besides, it also translates into a pretty spacious interior, and once you're inside, that's all that matters.

The versatile nature of the Bolt means "you can use it for commuting, family-car duty, or a variety of other driving patterns," something that can't really be said about any other car below the Tesla Model S' starting price. "Earlier this year, that package would cost you a luxury-car price," the Green Car Reports reviewer concludes. "Now, it's available at your Chevy dealer for less than $40,000."

Just like the ones before it, this Chevrolet Bolt review too is massively favorable. The real question now is how GM will be able to take this strong foothold it has in the EV segment and expand on it. Or will it all change once the Tesla Model 3 comes along? Well, we'll probably find out in about a year. Until then, the Chevrolet Bolt is the EV of choice for all those who don't enjoy sweating over the car's range.

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