2017 Audi RS3 Sedan Loons More Tail-Happy But Don't Expect Drift Mode

At this point in the development of the RS3 Sedan, engineers can just show off for the cameramen, which they know are gathered around the Nurburgring. The fastest A3 sedan ever can be seen in this video putting on quite a show.
2017 Audi RS3 Sedan Loons More Tail-Happy But Don't Expect Drift Mode 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
It's also got the features of the mid-life facelift, and you can make out the LED ring around the headlight. But considering the whole thing was leaked in February, we're more concerned about how the thing drives than the way it looks.

We believe the TT RS is already an improvement over the RS3 hatchback, but because it's not in production yet, nobody has released a driven confirmation. This sedan prototype goes down the Nurburgring nothing like the hatchback did a few years ago.

The quattro system sends more of the power to the back, but in some cases, the driver is using regular old lift-off. So in short, the Ford Focus RS will still be the prime pick for keen drivers everywhere.

In other regards, the RS3 sedan will have it licked. For example, it will be ridiculously fast. If you combine launch control a twin-clutch gearbox and 400 horsepower, you get a small car that punches to 60 about as fast as a BMW M5.

Ford isn't taking potential competition from Audi and the AMG division lightly. It is preparing the RS500, rumored to have around 400 horsepower too. However, due to the limited production, it will be really rare.

We think that the two RS models we keep mentioning throughout the story are about as different as Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong-Up (bad example, we know). I think you'll be able to make one twice as expensive as the other. Also, the fact that there are no manual Audi RS models is in stark contrast to the stick-only Ford.

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