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2017 Audi A5 and S5 Coupe Spied Testing at the Nurburgring

New compact German coupes are coming out of the woodwork. After the BMW 4 Series, Mercedes will show the C-Coupe within a couple of months and after that, the second-generation Audi A5 will show itself in 2016.
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Walter da Silva's baby is now being styled by a guy named Marc Lichte, the person behind the Prologue. Thus, the A5 looks a little different than all the other Audis. Hidden under the camouflage is a very broad grille that's likely trimmed by a large silver frame. The all-LED headlights are also going to appear much different.

Our exclusive spy video shot at the Nurburgring reveals both the A5 Coupe and its more hardcore S5 cousin. You can tell which is which by the four-pipe exhaust system installed on the latter. But beyond that the differences are going to be quite small.

As of yesterday, we know what will power the S5. The supercharged 3-liter V6 is going to be kept in service, thanks to power increase somewhere in the region of 20 hp. While it's not going to be the most energy-dense engine in the segment, the TFSI will be technologically advanced. A clutch mechanism will de-coupe the blower from the engine under light loads, and a new injection system will help reduce consumption.

As for the normal A5 models, most of the basic ones will come with a 2-liter engine, and we don't expect to see any 1.8 TFSI units. Outputs should range from 190 PS to the 272 PS of the 3.0 TDI flagship. The good news is that the embarrassing CVT gearboxes are gone for good, and we have a twin-clutch unit to thank for that.

With a bit of luck, Audi might even offer a performance diesel in the near future. The Alpina D4 Biturbo shows there is demand for an overpowered six-cylinder engine that burns diesel, plus Ingolstadt has all the tech it needs to pull it off.

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