2017 Audi A4 with Standard Xenon Headlights Looks Boring

2017 Audi A4 with Standard Xenon Headlights Looks Boring 6 photos
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2017 Audi A4 With Standard Xenon Headlights Looks Boring
It's a well-known fact that German automakers like to impress us with advanced technology and stick their hands deep into our pockets after showing the options list. The all-new generation of Audi A4 has just made its official debut in America as a 2017 model year vehicle, yet it already looks outdated.
We've often wondered what the new A4 looks like without the LED headlights and hoped we would never find out. Unfortunately, Audi Martin, a dealership from California, just presented its "latest arrival" with Xenon headlights.

Oh, Xenon headlights, how cool you were... 15 years ago! Nowadays, we take adaptive LED headlights almost for granted. But greed compelled Audi not to offer them as standard. We are looking at the basic trim level, which has not only droopy eyes but also some odd-looking wheels. Together, they make a 2017 model instantly look like it came from 2007.

According to the German automaker, LED lights offer unique design, long-range illumination and have a longer life. In other words, they are better. So why not give your "premium car" customers what they deserve instead of spending millions on advertising?

In America, the better lights are packaged into the second trim level. However, the Europeans have it even worse, as LED lights are a standalone option costing as much as €1,900.

For those of you who have tried buying a cheaper premium car, this sort of stuff should seem normal. The A3 compact models sold in Europe sometimes come with steel wheels covered by hubcaps and no central screen. This sort of behavior can be seen throughout the VW Group, as Porsche will only offer a standard sports exhaust on the new 911 for a few months, even though we're talking about a $100,000 sportscar. As for Spanish carmaker SEAT, it withdrew the standard LED lights on the Leon models after a year.

When Renault launched the all-new Scenic in Geneva, they said the biggest wheels would be fitted as standard. With 19 inches at all corners, this family MPV is better equipped than a Porsche Cayman. You have to respect the French for what they've done.
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