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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Production Has Just Started at Cassino Plant

Even the factory that makes this sexy Alfa Romeo sounds like the location for a James Bond movie. And we are pleased to announce that as of right now, the Giulia 4-door is in production.
First Alfa Romeo Giulia 3 photos
First Alfa Romeo Giulia Leaves Production LineFirst Alfa Romeo Giulia Leaves Production Line
Fiat Group officials are surely going to mark "19-04-2016" down on their calendars. That's because today is the day when all those investments are going to start paying off.

The US Afa Romeo website has both the regular model and the QV performance one marked down as 2017 models, so we can expect pricing and delivery dates to be announced in about three months.

The basic model will compete quite nicely against the BMW 328i, soon to be re-named as the 330i. It's powered by a 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine with direct injection that has an official rating of 276 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque. With a 0 to 60 time of 5.5 seconds and an impressive top speed of 149 miles per hour, Giulia proves Italy cares about speed and power.

The first thing you need to know about the Giulia is that it's gorgeous and sounds better than all of its competitors. Alfa has over a century of heritage, but the last few decades have been a little dull. If you exclude the 4C and 8C, this car truly marks the return to North America as well. So you could say that a lot is riding on its shoulders.

If you're not impressed with the 2-liter version, you might want to know a few things about the Giulia Quadrifoglio. It features a Ferrari-tuned 90-degree V6 engine capable of delivering 505 horsepower (US specifications) to the rear wheels via your choice of either a manual or automatic gearbox. If it's anything like the engine in the California T, the BMW M3 is in a world of trouble. You might think we are blowing steam up its behind, but Alfa tuned such a hardcore sedan that it currently holds the record on the Nurburgring for a 4-door.


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