2016 Porsche Boxster Facelift Rendered: the 918 Spyder's Baby Brother

Despite what the BS rumors say, the Boxster will remain the entry-level Porsche model for the foreseeable future. It's a great sportscar built around an honest formula that simply works. Many companies, especially the Japanese ones, have tried and failed to copy its success. But that doesn't mean Porsche has the run of the market.
2016 Porsche Boxster 1 photo
Yet even as awesome as the Type 981 generation (the current model) may be, it still needs to adapt and change. Just like the Cayenne and the Panamera, the Boxster will switch to a downsized turbo engine in order to reduce fuel consumption and offer more torque.

Every race engineer will tell you the naturally aspirated engine is ideal for any go-fast application. But in a drag race, torque and outright grunt count more. Tired of seeing the Boxster lose to hot hatches like the Golf R, Porsche will finally stick a turbo on its cheapest car.

It won't actually be called a Boxster Turbo, but the 2016 model will have at least 20% more torque across the model range. Its toughest competitor will be the all-new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, which we think is going to be launched in Detroit a couple of weeks from now.

It too uses a small turbo engine, a 1.8-liter that delivers 240 hp through a twin-clutch six-speed. The major difference is that the 4C is made from carbon and has been stripped down of many features, while the Porsche Boxster is still technically a premium car.

Cosmetically speaking, the current Boxster is a fresh car. However, the latest design language introduced by the 918 Spyder has basically made every other Porsche invisible. For the 981's mid-life facelift, a slightly updated front end will be introduced. No major changes are planned, but extra air blades and millimeter-small headlight tweaks will result in a baby model of the Porsche range looking like the hybrid all-wheel drive flagship.

What are we on about? Just check out the following rendering for the Boxster facelift, created by X-Tomi Design. Like we've already said, minimal changes will be used to add a hint of 918 design.

Of course, not all Boxster models will go turbo. There's talk of a hybrid that uses tech from the Le Mans endurance racing series and we've already spied a hardcore model with a Ducktail spoiler and a manual gearbox. It's likely to wear the RS Spyder badge and could be powered by a 911 Carrera/Carrera S engine.


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