2016 Porsche 911 Turbo Facelift Humiliates Jaguar F-Type SVR in 1-Mile Drag Race

It's usually best not to risk ruining the fun delivered by a drag race video such as the one below by throwing spoiler at the audience. However, the manner in which the Porsche walks all over the Jaguar in this brawl ensures the clip will deliver just as many thrills as it's supposed to.
Porsche 911 Turbo vs Jaguar F-Type SVR 4 photos
Porsche 911 Turbo vs Jaguar F-Type SVRPorsche 911 Turbo vs Jaguar F-Type SVRPorsche 911 Turbo vs Jaguar F-Type SVR
The straight line battle, which comes from the Brits over at Auto Express, sees the two speed demons engaging in a one-mile battle, one that came with a standing start.

Despite these machines having almost opposite ways of delivering speed thrills, they both deserve the practical supercar label, which is why they were brought together.

We won't waste time by dropping any numbers here, since the footage offers all the figures you need. However, we'll mention one strong reason for which the Turbo seen here didn't have an "S" at the end of its designation (something aside the already-massive performance gap between the Porsche and the Jag) - the price. Even in standard Turbo guise, if we may call it so, the Neunelfer is already more expensive than the range-topping F-Type, so the presence of the Turbo S would;ve ruined the balance of the race, especially since we're talking about usability here.

As for the one-mile length of the sprint, this was chosen to ensure that the Jaguar has a fair chance of getting over the start advantage of the Zuffenhausen machine. You see, while both supercars come with all-wheel-drive, only the Porsche channels its inner demons through a Launch Control feature.

Even with the Jaguar being a distant second, the kind of sensory overload delivered by its soundtrack and its tail-happy nature means the world needs cars like this. And with the 991.2 facelift having made the Neunelfer a bit more clinical, the F-Type assets mentioned above are no small feat.

P.S.: While the Jaguar F-Type is on its way to receiving a mid-cycle facelift, we don't expect that to change the situation seen here by all that much.

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