2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S HD Wallpapers, the European Muscle Car

The closest thing you can have to a European interpretation of the American muscle car philosophy is the new Mercedes-AMG C63. In spite of a smaller V8 engine, the new performance sedan has all the power and noise to back up such claims. It may not be as fast around a track as the BMW M3, and it may lack its surgical precision, but it makes up for everything with an unparalleled sense of drama. This is a car that can go from your regular sporty-looking sedan with decent manners to a full-blown vandal with just the switch of a button. The exhaust system valves open up, engine response is heightened and every piece of glass in the vicinity becomes a potential victim. And it's not a case of show and no go either, with the 503 hp of the S version proving the AMG C63 should be taken seriously, be it on the street, on the track or even on the drag strip.
2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 1 photo
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

In all honesty, the photographer could have placed any car you can think of there and the picture would still look breathtaking, but he used a blue Mercedes-AMG C63, so now it's absolutely stunning. The sun rays coming through those heavy clouds do their part of the deal, but the real drama is provided by the blue car with those elegant multi-spoke wheels and beautiful silhouette.

What we have here is the beauty of a silver Mercedes-AMG C63 S against the beauty of the Portuguese Atlantic coast in the background. In case you didn't know it, Portugal offers some of the most scenic driving roads in Europe and, somewhat unexplainable, they're also quite free of traffic. Something this Mercedes-AMG parked in the middle of a bend does very well to exemplify.

There aren't that many physical differences between the standard Mercedes-AMG C63 and the S version, but the latter somehow manages to visually exude the extra power it's got under the hood. I'd blame those black wheels and red calipers. Regardless, the amazing thing here is that this car manages to make the blandest of all colors look exciting, and that's really a remarkable feat.

It's not too often we feature interior shots in our wallpaper section, but then again it doesn't happen very often to have interior shots like these. The red accents and carbon fiber pattern on the rev counter are clear giveaways about the car's intentions, but even more than that is the red line starting at 7,000 rpms. If you're driving this car right, that needle will rarely stand still and it will spend most of its life in the right-hand half of the dial.

And here it is, the Mercedes-AMG C63 in his natural habitat: a racing circuit. And not just any racing circuit, but the wonderful Portimao track in Portugal, a track with more ups and downs and turns than life itself. Expect to see a lot of these cars on tracks, but also expect to see them often in a less conventional pose while taking a turn. You know what we're on about here.

For a lot more (and we do mean 'a lot') images of the Mercedes-AMG C63, you can visit our photo gallery.
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